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Atlanta, Georgia

Waldorf, Maryland

**Frank travels from Washington, D.C.


“Frank Shelton came to speak at our school in North Carolina on Tuesday, April 29, 2014. When we heard he was in the area, we were very hopeful that he would include us in his busy schedule. He spoke to our senior high students. The were absolutely SPELL BOUND during his presentation! His ability to ‘capture’ the audience with his impressions, HUMOR and incredible stories was AMAZING to watch. A month after his talk we were still receiving enormous feedback. Students said, “BEST SPEAKER I have ever heard!” and “I sat on edge of my seat during his entire talk!” We are already looking at calendar and have every intention to bring him back in Fall for multiple days to invest in our students!”

P. Matthis

“Frank Shelton has a gift that is difficult to put into words. Luckily, for all who hear him, his words and his passion are his GIFT. Frank spoke at my school during an assembly on October 1, 2013 to our entire Junior and Senior High at the same time (7-12 graders). We brought both schools together and he nailed it! To date, I have never been in an assembly where the speaker had every student “hooked” within a matter of seconds. The students were glued to his every word. The words he spoke were perfect for our school and students. I still hear students today talking about that assembly and how much they enjoyed it. Following the assembly, Frank stayed and spoke to our FCA Huddle where he shared an important and powerful message to those students. Without hesitation, I highly recommend Frank Shelton if you are looking for a passionate person who will bring an entertaining message of truth, reality, and encouragement.”

Coach David Preston, Jr.
Social Studies Chair, Boys Varsity Basketball Coach & FCA Huddle Rep.
Smackover High School
Smackover, ARKANSAS

“WOW! Mr. Shelton, you are defintely the best speaker that I have ever heard at any school. I was one of the 1,500 plus kids you spoke to recently at Greenbrier High School in West Virginia. U were hilarious, but u got your point through at the same time. I really enjoyed your story about Basketball legend, Larry Bird. I believed a lot of people were encouraged by u, as i know i was. If we had more men like u the world would be a better place. Thanks again and God bless.”

Student – East Greenbrier High School
Greenbrier, West Virginia

“Frank Shelton, Jr has been motivational and inspirational in lives around the world for many years, including mine! He’s been living my motto: “Changing Lives to Change the World.” He connects with any audience and I would highly recommend Frank for any Corporate or Christian Event. Frank and I have spoken together nearly a dozen times in five states and I have seen him in a variety of settings and he exudes class wherever he goes. He is the consummate people person and I asked him to write a foreword in my book “TRUST YOUR NEXT SHOT” along with Bill Cosby and Michael Jordan. I invited him as my personal guest to World Series Winner Albert Pujols banquet in St Louis and I could have selected anyone in the world and I picked him. Frank is a powerful presence, dynamic communicator and also a great comedian. It is my belief that “laughter is a great medicine”! Honored to serve on the Winning Team with him. He is my friend and a leader to all.”

Meadowlark Lemon
Harlem Globetrotter, 2003 Hall of Fame & Minister of Goodwill
Scottsdale, Arizona

“Frank speaks with a heart of compassion. He has genuine interest in people and is passionate about communicating with people of all ages to live a life of character. His stories grab your attention because they are deep and thought provoking. Frank also has the gift of HUMOR and doing impersonations that will make audiences laugh until they cry!”

Gina Waegle
1998 Miss Colorado & Friend’s First National Mentor Program
Denver, Colorado

“Frank Shelton has dramatically touched the lives of tens of thousands across America. He has brought grace and hope to a hurting world. He has a rare gift to connect with both crowds and individuals and his sincerity, humility and humor softens hearts for lives to be IMPACTED with a lasting message that will make a mark for a lifetime.”

Shannon Marketic
1992 Miss USA
Dallas, Texas

“In over 45 years of public service at both the state and national level; I can honestly say Frank Shelton, Jr. is one of the most empathetic, decent, young man I know. Frank served on my staff and served his hometown admirably from 1996-2000, as my Special Assistant, Constituent Liaison, driver and ocassional speechwriter. Folks ten years later still stop me on the street and ask how he is doing because of the way he served them while on my staff. Frank Shelton is First Class.”

U.S. Rep. Steny H. Hoyer
House Majority Leader of Congress
Washington, D.C.

“As guidance counsellor of our school we first brought Frank when he was Special Assistant to Congressman Hoyer for Career Day. We then brought him when he was an aide to the Governor of Maryland. For the past three consecutive years he has given the keynote address at our graduation. For an individual to get 600 students and staff on their feet is nothing short of AMAZING! When we asked who our students want to hear we get a resounding: “GET FRANK!!”

Susan Wagner
Guidance Counsellor @ Henry Ferguson Elem School
Accokeek, Maryland

“I heard Frank speak on a Carnival Cruise in a room that was standing room only. On the week long cruise to Montego Bay, Jamaica I heard nine different speakers and all of them were phenomenal. However, Frank’s message was almost undescribable. He spoke with such sincerity. It was profoundly simple and simply profound. He spoke not from his head but his heart and I cannot recall seeing or hearing someone speak with such passion or power before or since hearing Frank Shelton. He was given 45 minutes to speak in that session on the ship and the entire audience could have listened for another couple hours and no one would have looked at their watch or cared. He was OFF THE CHARTS!! The room was very diverse in race and age and when you thought the talk couldn’t possibly get any better he took it to a whole ‘notha level!! He held the audience in the palm of his hand and he had us roaring one minute with laughter and hitting us with timeless truths the next. As impressive as his message was on the stage even more appealing was the fact that he was the last to leave the room. He shook hands, took pictures, signed autographs till the very end. My mission this next year is to bring Frank to the fine people of my hometown. Everyone needs to hear him speak at least once (even better TWICE)!”

Laura Pyle
Dayton, Ohio

“I have had the privilege or working and sharing the stage with Frank on numerous occassions. Twice we spoke together to 7,000 and also smaller venues. To date, we have co-authored five books together and I am both a friend and huge fan because he communicates in a way that is entertaining, insightful, respectful and challenges you to take positive action in your life. As a speaker and author, I often see a game of speakers and its very rare that you remember them. Hiring Frank to make a positive impact at your next assembly, meeting or outreach is an easy choice. I am confident that his passion, enthuisiasm and valuable wisdom will make a powerful and memorable impact.”

Sam Glenn
Founder of “Attitude Digest” Magazine & Leadership Univ
National Speaker and author “A Kick in the Attitude”
Chicago, Illinois