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Frank has been featured in newspaper, magazines, radio and world-wide television sharing HOPE, HUMOR & Heaven on Earth! Regardless, if speaking at a school assembly or pouring into world-class athletes, investing in corporate leaders or one of his frequent appearances on Fox News as a contributor he lives to inspire and encourage. His message is relevant at home and abroad and literally spoken to audiences around the world.

Frank has been blessed to be a guest on Sean Hannity speaking nation-wide and also interviewed by Kim Guilfoyle (“The Five”) and Chief Religion Correspondent Lauren Green @ Fox News in their New York City, Dallas & Capitol Hill studios.


Frank was a former speech-writer to a Member of Congress and wrote his own speeches while Student Government President in Junior High School (1985). Today, he has co-authored several books and his recent book “CARRYING GREATNESS” has touched many! His ancestor carried President Abraham Lincoln the night of the assasination but Frank reminds audiences all across America from the WOMB to the TOMB we all ‘carry greatness!’  His previous books “Career vs Calling” and “Blessedness of Brokenness” to this day resonate with students and scores of adults.

President Jimmy Carter called on Frank to speak at his home church in Plains, GA. For years, folks have called Frank ‘The Leadership Evangelist.” A fine American from Alabama said, “Throw John Maxwell & Jim Carrey in a blender and what pours out is Frank Shelton!” When he was finished the 39th President of the United States said, “Any doubt that he is an evangelist?” The crowd roared and applauded.

Regardless if conversing with Commander in Chief, corporate executives, your colleagues or classmates make no mistake Frank is a man on a mission and with a message! Life is too short to sit on the sidelines!! Get UP, get OUT and get GOING!