Meeting @ The White House

Recently, I was invited at back to back meetings in NYC at the United Nations and then @ The White House. One of the attributes and characteristics of leadership is selflessly serving others. At the UN, I was blessed to receive an award from Ambassador Carlos Garcia and they tapped me to bring over 50 leaders for a round table discussion. I had already lined up 72 before the first meeting. Without question, the doors you open for others may one day be opened for you!

Generosity is a rare gift and the more you promote others than don’t be surprised when your platform becomes larger and wider. Influence comes from daily and deliberately investing in others. Visit our new leadership podcast on iTunes (Frank Shelton) and we are adding new lessons each Monday. Last month, I was invited back to the White House for a meeting in the VP’s office. If you are willing to serve when no one is looking than you will continue to serve if more are watching. The goal was never to be seen but that others can be helped. Who can you serve this week?



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