Full Circle

This week I had the privilege to do something special. It was my HONOR to return exactly thirty years later and speak at my junior high – John Hanson in Waldorf, MD. In 1985-1986, I was an eighth grade student and was President of our Student Government. We had over 800 students then and I remember as if it were yesterday speaking daily to the student body giving the morning announcements from the Principal’s Office and/or giving ocassional speeches. That same year I was tapped to give the keynote address as Class President for our graduation to a packed gymnasium.

Those early formative years played a HUGE role in my life as a public speaker and now involved with public relations. The school house opened doors for me to even speak at The White House and I am so thankful. Earlier this year John Hanson Middle School asked me to return and give three talks to the entire school on Character and Anti-Bullying. What a treat to return to my alma mater not only the same school but same room where I gave my remarks running for class president. This week they invited me back to speak for Career Day and we had a time.

Some suggest you cannot go back home but thankfully that is not the case here. Educators are among my heroes and I love being around students. They are so full of life and when they are turned in the right direction they are UNSTOPPABLE. During my presentation I reminded the students that they are John Hanson Patriots! He was one of the signers of Declaration of Independence. I told them that they are patriots – not John Hanson mosquittos, muskrats or mules! Faster than a Ferrari I said, “Your homework assignment tonight is grab a Dictionary and read what a PATRIOT is.” One eager student raised his hand and said I know an example of a patriot” and I said, “yes sir” and he screamed “Tom Brady!” LOL

In closing, I shared some folks read history, others watch history, some report history, few try to re-write history but you guys go out and MAKE HISTORY! They went wild!! So cool to also go back to my old middle school gymnasium and my dear friend since elementary school, Nikki is now a teacher at the same school. She is too cool for school! Wishing all our friends a safe summer and would love to come speak LIFE into your students next school year!







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